MILK: 2 Oscars – ‚You Must Come Out!‘

„MILK“, der Film über ‚den Bürgermeister von Castro Street‘, den offen schwulen Politiker Harvey Milk, wurde in Los Angeles mit 2 Oscars ausgezeichnet.

Sean Penn wurde geehrt als bester Darsteller , der 34jährige Dustin Lance Black für das beste Drehbuch – beide in ‚MILK‚.

Drehbuch-Autor Black äußerte sich im November bereits über Harvey Milk und warum er dieses Drehbuch geradezu schreiben musste:

„I was almost fourteen when I heard a recording of a speech. It had been delivered on June 9, 1978, the same year my biological father had moved my family out to San Antonio. It was delivered by what I was told was an “out” gay man. His name was Harvey Milk. … That moment when I heard Harvey for the first time . . . that was the first time I really knew someone loved me for me. From the grave, over a decade after his assassination, Harvey gave me life. . . he gave me hope.“

Milk – das ist weit mehr als eine anrührende Homo-Geschichte aus dem San Francisco der siebziger Jahre:

„You see, one of the biggest hurdles for the gay community has always been invisibility. Unlike the black movement and the women’s movement, gays and lesbians are not always immediately identifiable. People still go their entire careers without coming out to their co-workers, not to mention their relatives or their neighbors. Harvey Milk saw this problem, and shouted out the solution, “You must come OUT!”“

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